Train Jam 2017

2017 is the year I participated in Train Jam for the first time. In case you don’t know what Train Jam is, it is game jam that takes place on a train from Chicago to San Francisco (for GDC). Here are my photos:

Here is a link to the game I’ve worked on with three other people for the Train Jam called Ultimate Runner III:

New iOS Game Released: Wandering Baby

Hey guys,

My latest iOS game titled Wandering Baby is now released in the App Store! I describe this game as something HARDER than the original Flappy Bird.

My story: I originally planned to release SpermWorld 2, which was an iOS version of a game submitted into the Flappy Jam, into the App Store since I found some sperm-themed apps in it. However, it got rejected due to the game ‘containing excessively crude or objectionable content.’ So, I replaced the sperm with a baby and then renamed the game as it is now.

Here are the screenshots:

Screenshot 2014.04.18 18.11.34 Screenshot 2014.04.18 18.13.01 Screenshot 2014.04.18 18.14.54

Also, I forgot to mention that the game is FREE! If you think you can get the toppest score in Game Center, be my guest!

Here is the link to the game on the App Store:

P.S. Please be kind to tap on the iAd each time you play. I’m in a financial bind right now. I got no income and little money left in my bank account now. Thanks!

Global Game Jam 2014 Submission: Monk’s Journey

At this year’s Global Game Jam, I chose to develop a game at Cipher Prime because I usually hang out there almost every week. Also, I teamed up with the a bunch of strangers to seek new challenges. The only lesson I learned there as a frequent game jammer is that I should bring my own large notebook/sketchbook to write down my plan in case there is no whiteboard.

Anyway, our game is called Monk’s Journey.

Here are the links related to my group’s game submission:

Global Game Jam page:
Web Player:
Download (Win/OS X/Linux):

Philly Game Jam 2013 Entry: Ghost Blasters

Hey people, my game jam team Space Lords have created a game within 43 hours at Philly Game Jam 2013 called Ghost Blasters. We didn’t win any awards at this time, but we enjoyed what we’ve been doing anyway.

Ghost Blasters


Here are the links to the game according to platform:

Download Windows Version
Download OS X Version

Hope you guys enjoy playing this game!

Ludum Dare 26 Game Submitted

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post. This time, I’m letting you guys know that I submitted my game called Color Quest on Ludum Dare 26. Here is the link to it:

For those who don’t know what Ludum Dare is, it is an event where participants have to make a game from scratch that fits the theme announced at the start. Two contests are the competition or compo, which is the main event, and jam. The compo only allows you to develop a game solo within 48 hours, while the jam allows you to work either solo or in a team within 72 hours.

I spent over a day trying to come up with a good game concept that fits minimalism, the announced theme, alone. When I started using Unity, my color-changing idea just came. By the time I almost finished my game, I missed the compo deadline. I didn’t want to submit my entry as a broken game. Therefore, I took more time to fix the bug, add a bit more content and submit my game as a jam entry.

Although I couldn’t add most of the content I wanted, I enjoyed doing this and learned some things on the way. I plan to write a post-mortem later.