Second Day on My Japan Trip 2013

Sorry for not writing this post in time. I wanted to wake up early in the morning to check out the fish auction, but I overslept. Anyway here are the videos and pictures.

Higurashi (cicadas) crying in the morning:

Got the FamilyMart sign this time:

FamilyMart Sign

Tokyo Subway Ticket Machine:

Outside Tsukiji Fish Market:

Outside Tsukiji Market

In line for Sushi Dai:

Sushi Dai Line 1

Sushi Dai Line 2

Food at Sushi Dai:

Sushi Dai Food 1 Sushi Dai Food 2 Sushi Dai Food 3 Sushi Dai Miso Sushi Dai Food 4 Sushi Dai Food 5 Sushi Dai Food 6 Sushi Dai Food 7 Sushi Dai Food 8 Sushi Dai Food 9 Sushi Dai Food 10 Sushi Dai Food 11 Sushi Dai Food 12 Sushi Dai Menu Sushi Dai Akami

Suburb in Tokyo:


Comiket Service shop:

Comiket Service

Things I bought at Comiket Service:

Comiket Service Purchases

Food from FamilyMart again:

FamilyMart Food 2

That is all for day 2.

First Day on My First Japan Trip

I arrived at Narita Airport through Air Canada. I went to the post office to pick up my pocket WiFi router. After that, I got in line to get my Japan Rail Pass, which took about an hour or two. Anyway, here it is.



Inside JR Shinkansen (signs in different languages):

JR Signs

Tokyo at night:


Inside my hotel room:



My late dinner I bought at FamilyMart (Famima for short) for 715 yen:


Not much I can say now, since I just arrived. Also, I accidentally left my laptop power adapter and cord in the plane. I already sent a lost and found inquiry to Air Canada. Meanwhile, I’ll have to buy new ones at Apple Store in Ginza in the morning. Better get to sleep now.