Comiket 84 Day 2

At night of my first Comiket day, I marked a lot of artist circles I wanted to check out on the second day. However, I decided to go back to Comiket after 12 PM. I would potentially miss my chance to get some things from the most popular circles, but I just didn’t think it was worth my time and life to get them. However, I managed to buy more stuff today.

Checked out the west hall for the first time:

Comiket Day Two 1


Comiket Day Two 2

Comiket Day Two 3

I also visited the corporate booths as well. I wasn’t sure I was allowed to take pictures there, so I refrained from doing it.

Things I got from the second day so far:

Comiket Day Two 4

Now off to the third day as quickly as possible!

Comiket 84 Day 1

I initially planned to head to Tokyo Big Sight to line up by 6 AM (four hours from 10 AM opening). However, I ended up lining up at 9:30, which I am glad I did. Standing in line for an hour outside in a very hot day (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) was enough to make me suffer. Also, I lost one of my towels before lining up. However, I had a pack of tissues to wipe up my sweat.

Here is what it looked like when I lined up for about an hour:

Comiket Day One 1

What it looked like inside Tokyo Big Sight’s east hall:

Comiket Day One 2

Things I bought at Comiket 84 on Day One (some are NOT SAFE FOR WORK):

Comiket Day One 3

Since today was mainly yaoi (gay male porn) day, I only acquired few interesting stuff. At first, I lined up for one of the circles where there were many girls in line, usually for yaoi books. When I confirmed that circle’s current work was yaoi, I immediately got out of the line and looked for something else. I eventually lined up for one of the popular circles (not yaoi) for hours to get a set. Also, I bought some more stuff from artists who didn’t have lines.

Around the early afternoon, I got fed up. I was already sweating as hell. Also, I drank at least two big bottles worth of tea that I felt like I needed to throw up. I initially wanted to check out stuff in the west hall, the cosplay section and the corporate booths, but I felt that I needed to get back to the hotel soon. So, I got into a big line for a train. I did hear that most attendees do not stay at Comiket all day long over the Internet. Fortunately, I already bought round-trip tickets in the morning.

Despite I already prepared myself for the event after I got tips over the Internet, I underestimated the brutality of standing in the middle of a very hot day. However, it was a worthy experience. I even learned a Japanese word for the “end of the line”, which was 最後尾 (saikoubi). Long lines are divided into separate, short lines. Unless there are extremely popular artist circles you should definitely line up for before their works sell out, DO NOT get in line before noon. It would be less crowded afternoon. I plan to get in line on the third day for Team Shanghai Alice, the one-man team of the Touhou Project game series. I’m going to have a long time to reconsider my future Comiket trips.